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Archive Photos sent in during 2011/12 Season

I would like to thank the following for sending in archive photos ... Steve Barrett...Martin Supp...Tony Brock... Richard Cummins



Do you know this player, if you have been playing in the league for the last 30 years or so the answer will definitely be 'YES', if you are a newcomer to the KLTTA then you might not have bumped into him.....His name is STEVE BARRETT.
Why have I picked him out, well in my opinion he is like Roy Hurt in the article below another one of KLTTA's unsung heroes, one for his playing career in the league and the other is what he has put back into the league.

I will first of all go through his playing career, I am not quite sure when he first started but as an 18 year old in 1971 he caused a big upset when he knocked out the number one seed Barry Wilson in the annual championships. In 1974/5 season he won the Open Singles Title (he was runner up in the two previous seasons) and there is an impressive list as follows.
1969/70 Norfolk Youth Service Singles and Doubles
1970/71 Norfolk Youth Service Singles and Doubles
1971/2 North Norfolk Singles and Doubles Champion
1974/75 Norfolk  Mixed Doubles and East Anglian League Mixed Doubles
1975/6 Men's Doubles Runner Up with Barry Wilson...Maurice Ebbs Personality Winner
1976/7.1978/9.1987/8 1998/9 Winner of the Ernie Mastin Trophy (Handicap Singles)
1977/8 Men's Doubles Champion with Graham Archer
1978/79 Marshland Open Singles and Doubles (open only to members of KLTTA and WTTA)
1979/80 Marshland Open Singles and Doubles
1979/80...80/1...81/2 Men's Doubles Champion with Dave Shaw
1982/3... Men's Doubles Runner Up with Dave Shaw...KLTTA Player of the Year
1983/4 Men's Doubles Runner Up with Dave Shaw
1985/6 Men's Doubles Champion with Dave Shaw
Cambridgeshire Restricted Singles
1986/7... 1990/1...1991/2 Men's Doubles Runner Up with Dave Shaw
1989/90 Men's Doubles Champion with Dave Shaw
1990/1 Men's Doubles Runner Up with Dave Shaw
1991/92...96/97...98/99 Mixed Doubles Runner Up with Wendy Nicholls
1997/8...98/99 Veterans Singles Runner Up
1999/2000 Mixed Doubles Winner with Wendy Nicholls, Veteran R/U
2000/02 Men's Doubles Champion with Steve Barber
Runner Up in the first two Hard Bat Tournaments
2014 Men's Doubles Champion with Gary Hewitt

Norfolk Championships Ė Menís Singles semi-finalist in the early 70ís, Menís Doubles Runner Up.

Wisbech League, Menís Singles and Menís Doubles Winner in 1974/75, Menís Singles Runner up a couple of years later, Mixed Doubles Winner once and numerous finals in the Menís Doubles winning and losing in equal numbers with Dave Shaw. American Tournament Singles Winner (round robin system) twice and runner up once in the late 70ís early 80ís.
Wisbech Championships 2014....Men's Doubles Winner with Allan Nicholls.

Fakenham League, Menís Singles Runner Up (to Jim Defty) and Menís Doubles Winner c 1980.

2 further North Norfolk Menís Doubles titles in the late 80ís with John Collins and Steve Ellis. 

Played c 15 years as Kingís Lynn No 1 in the East Anglian League against the likes of Norwich, Ipswich and Cambridge First Teams averaging c 75%. Also played for Wisbech in the South East Midland League on numerous occasions.

Perhaps some, probably quite a lot, of todayís players donít know that Steve was still very competitive when he retired in 1992 at the age of 39 to concentrate on his business interests. He returned after 2 years but did not take the game that seriously as business was still his focus. Then in late 2002 at the age of 50 he had a stroke. He then retired and came back in the 2009/2010 season. He gradually improved his averages but then had to have a major operation in August of 2011. Following a period of recovery he played a couple of games before Xmas only to be struck down by food poisoning which ruled out all of January. Now as he looks forward to taking life a bit easier he hopes he can have a good crack next season.

Now I am going to concentrate on what Steve has contributed to the KLTTA since 1973 (Before then as a teenager he was Treasurer). In 1973/4 and 74/5 he was East Anglian League Match Secretary, in 1975/6 he was the KLTTA Honorary Auditor, then EAL Match Secretary again in 1976/7. From 1979/80 to 1982/3 he was Vice Chairman. He then went back to Honorary Auditor for 12 years from 1983/4 to 1995/6. He then became our President from 2007/8 and is still our President this season.
That in my opinion would be worth a little pat on the back, but I have yet to mention that Steve through his business IBA Ltd has been our League Sponsor for many many many years and is still our current league sponsor.

I would like to take this opportunity to say 'Thanks Steve' and to wish him a great playing season in 2012/13 and more important 'Good Health'.

Steve (18 years)

Steve in his Heyday

Steve at this years Championships with Gary Hewitt

Photos from the past

A few years back and all a little bit younger
Back Row from the left
Jerry Irving, Bob Littlechild, Steve, Steve Barber
Front row from the left
Sharron Barrett, Pauline Bond, Mary Ashmore, Allen Nicholls

Once again a few years back
From the left
Steve, Steve Barber, Jim Moseley Steve Ellis, Chuck Hewitt, Allan Nicholls
Being presented with sponsorship from Standard Capital Finance


Season 1986/7 Maurice Ebbs Personality Award winner Richard Cummins receiving his award from Karen Burkett (who won the ladies doubles at the annual championships the same year with Alison Edge, Karen is also the step daughter of Maurice).
In the middle with the  microphone we have a good friend of mine during the 1980's Roy Hurt and for those who were not playing in the 1980's and do not know Roy here is a little bit about him as he was one of a few people who did a lot for KLTTA for many years as shown below.

He started off being Divisional 4 League Secretary in 1977/8 and again the following season.
Then for the next six seasons he was Division 2 League Secretary and in 1982/3 season he won the Maurice Ebbs Personality Award.
In 1985/6 season he was the Championships Secretary and also Town Match Secretary.
In 1986/7 he again was Championships Secretary and once again Division 2 League Secretary.
In 1987/8 and the following three seasons he was the General Secretary
and also was Division 4 League Secretary in 1989/90
In 1992/3 and 93/4 season he was the Sponsorship Secretary.
So all I can say is 'Well done Roy' for jobs well done!
( I am now looking through the records for other unsung heroes so watch this space!)

Photo taken early 1980's...Venue Electricty.

From the left Steve Barber, Jim Parkin, Sharon Barrett, Joanne Thurston, Ken Phillipson & Dave Shaw

Photo taken early 1980's

Back Row (from the left)
Jim Defty, Dave Ashmore, Dave Shaw, Steve Barber, Steve Barrett, Allan Nicholls.
Middle Row (from the left)
Bob Littlechild, Alan Young, Jerry Irving, ?, ?, Dave Brammer.
Front Row (from the left)
?, Sharon Barrett, Philip Carter, Pauline Bond, Nigel Barrett, Mary Ashmore.
Can anyone fill in the missing names?


Here are a few names received from Leigh McDonald, Chuck Hewitt, Steve Barrett and Richard Cummins
Front Row from the left Nicky Dixon, Gary Block, Nick Osborne, David Allen, Christopher Bell, Gary Hewitt, Ian Barrett, Lee Nicholls
Middle Row from the left ?, ?, ?, Lisa Curson, Theresa Hewitt, , ?, Paula Bloom, Sean Bell

A junior coaching session in 1985 showing at the table Dave Bell (left) and John Pringle (right).
The other adults in the photo from the left Richard Cummins, Jim Defty and Chuck Hewitt.

Now the big question who can help out with some of the names of the juniors?

To send in the names ... Click Here or send to

Trophy Winners 1987

Standing from the left (men)

Ray Drew, Steven Ng, Jim Defty, Dave Shaw, John Pringle (hardly visible),  Dave Ashmore, Bob Bridges, Mike Brycz, 
Richard Cummins, Dave Hornsby, Adrian Hornsby, Chris Ely, Brian Richardson, Steve Ellis
Pauline Bond, Mary Ashmore, Lucy Goodale, Theresa Hewitt,
Jason Carter, Chris Sanders, Kevin Nobes

(Please let me know if any names are incorrect)

Twin Town Emmerich visit to King's Lynn in 1987


Picture was taken in 1987 during one of the matches played between Kings Lynn and our twin town of Emmerich, Germany.

These matches had been played alternately in England and Germany for the trophy seen, the ďDr Ebben WanderpokalĒ the competition started in 1977 (which was the year before the official twinning ceremony) and was played until 2004 when unfortunately it came to an end.

In the photo if you go along the back row left to right the names are as follows:-

Iain Christie (very slim with hair and very large glasses!!)Steve Barber, Dave Ashmore, Richard Cummins (also with a fine head of hair!!) Egon Feldkamp, Chuck Hewitt, Ray Drew, Ralf Von Heukelon, Dave Shaw, Frank Killus,
Roy Hurt, Andre Kopp, Hans Werner Bednarz, Thorsten Malsch

Front row l to r:- Mary Christie, Maureen Cummins, Gunter Gartmann, Ron Giles, Ingrid Frericks, Andre Elson and Ulrika Alles


Thanks to Richard Cummins below we have the first of four great archive Table Tennis Group Photos taken in 1985 & 87
So can you name the twenty six people in the photo taken in 1985?
I can see a 10 year old Gary Hewitt!

To send in the names ... Click Here or send to

Thanks to Leigh McDonald and Nick Osborne we have 22 of the 26 names can anyone name the remaining four?

Back Row from the left
Peter Osborne, Leigh McDonald, ?, Jeff Ward, Chuck Hewitt, Jim Defty, Ray Drew, Richard Cummins.
Middle Row from the left
Tim Griffiths, Neil Curson, Penny Osborne, Lisa Curson, Theresa Hewitt, ?, ?, David Hornsby, Erica Hewitt.
Front Row from the left
Mark Hawes, Nathan McDonald, Gary Hewitt, Andrew Medlock, Nick Osborne, ?, Lee Nicholls, Gavin Dearsley, David Morgan.

Annual Dinner held at Lynn Regis Rooms

Friday 8th May 1981

Back Row from the left I think!
Please let me know if I am wrong

John Blyth, Derek Ridgewell, Clive Williamson,
Sue Nobes, Steve Barber, Karen Burkitt,
Jim Defty, Allan Nicholls

Front Row from the left I think!

?, Iain Christie, Craig Cutting


Top left: Nick Rate (V), Adam Proszko (V), Wayne Mason (WLS).
Bottom left: Leigh Ware (V), Gary Hewitt (WLS) and Wayne Thorn (WLS).


Dave Shaw & Steve Barrett in one of their 5 Championships Doubles wins during the 1980's


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