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Here is the first selection of archive photos. I must thank Peter Osborne who let me pop over to his bungalow and go through all his old photos and newspaper articles. I have taken copies and they will start off this archive section. The photos will not be in year order, Peter also requested that this 'photo album' did not finish up as a Peter Osborne photo album, but Peter has been around for a long time in the table tennis sport and has won many awards and of course he is the first person so far that has given me the chance to start off this photo gallery. So thanks Peter but you will appear a few times!
Please feel free to contact me if I am wrong with any of the text and also if you can fill in any gaps etc, plus of course if you have any old photos I could use for this feature.
You can contact me via the contact page.


Above we have from the left, Robert Swift and Ruth Hunter, winners at the Lynn Championship in 1982. Then we have I believe a young Martin Skipper (any help where and when), then we have the BSC trio of Dave Shaw, Jim Defty and Dave Ashmore, I believe this was 1983 winners of the Challenge Cup.


Photo on the left is 1954 Championship winners, from the left Doug Livermore, Brian Barnes both RAF Marham,  Barnes beat Livermore in the Men's Final   (Barnes also won the Men's Doubles). Peter Osborne Youth Singles. Harold Child--Veterans.    Herbie Cassell, Betty Cassell Women's Singles and Mixed with Herbie. Winnie Chilvers Ladies doubles with Betty
Ron Giles presenting Player of the Year award to Gary Hewitt  Year 1989

I can name most of the people in the photo on the left as the photo was taken in 1983 and includes most of the old Rebels TT Club. (In the photo are Rebels Peter Osborne, Mike Reeve, Melissa Howe, Ricky and Lee Diggins, John Todd, Peter Farrow, Nigel Ho, Craig Cutting, Ian Barber and Malc Diggins also I can see John Petchey, Martin Skipper, Roy Hurt, Dave Shaw, Steve Barber, Dave Ashmore, Alan Nicholls, Steve Bailey and Steve Barrett plus a few I am not sure of)
On the right, the year 1989, Peter Osborne, Wendy Nicholls, Steve Ellis and Geoff Ward.

On the left we have a young Iain Christie winning the Personality Award and an even younger Gary Block winning the Andrew Denniss Memorial Award (1989). In the centre in the same year we have the league champions from Heacham, the team of Neil Howell, Geoff Davies, Chris Brewer, Gerry Rudley and Richard Mussett. On the right my good friend John Moorhouse 'top veteran' in 1985.

Photo on the left, Nomads Division One Champions 1966 Ken Mitchell, Peter Osborne, Betty Cassell, Peter Houghton      and Peter Holroyd?
On the right we have 1985 divisional winners George Atkin, Rick Hall and Jimmy Harding, either end Ron Ess & Peter Todhunter  of Metric Scaffolding the tournament sponsors.