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(8 minute singles challenge and 10 minute doubles challenge)
at Heacham Town Hall on Sunday 10th July 2016
(organised by Heacham Table Tennis League)

Start 10am Finish 4pm.
(Doors open at 9am)

Entries will be restricted to 24 players

The tournament will be played in groups of six on four tables

Each player will have
FIVE singles games in the morning and FIVE doubles games in the afternoon

Each Singles match will run for 8 minutes
(two points for each end won (up to 11, no two clear points) and one point for reaching 5 points in an end, in an un-finished final end one point for the player who is leading)

At the end of the singles competition there will be a break for refreshments.

The afternoon will be a doubles format, each match will run for 10 minutes

From the morning results the winner on each table will pair up with the person who came sixth, second place will partner fifth place and third place will team up with fourth place.

The six pairings from Tables One and Two will form Group 'A'

The six pairings from Tables Three and Four will form Group 'B'

Each pairing will play five games, playing all the other pairings in their group, Group 'A' will play on Tables One and Two and Group 'B' will play on Tables Three and four.

The winners of Group 'A' will play the winners of Group 'B' to find the overall champions.

Bats and Balls will be provided by the tournament organisers and all players will use the bats provided

The cost to enter is 6 per player
This includes entry to the singles and doubles competition plus refreshments (sausage rolls, quiche, pizza, sandwiches, sausages on sticks, cakes, sponges, mince pies and much more) plus tea, coffee, soft drinks. A break will be taken for refreshments. 1 of the 6 will enter the player into a 24 name card with the winning name receiving 10

If any player would like to bring a supporter/s who would like to enjoy the refreshments the cost would be 3 (this must be booked in advance as it cannot be added on the day)

(Sorry but NO refunds if you do not turn up etc as you will be letting others down)

Spectators are welcome Free of Charge (but does not include refreshments)

For further information email me at or text or call me on 07450527168


Only the fittest will survive!

Sunday 10th July 2016 at Heacham Town Hall start 10am

Photo showing all the new equipment in the main hall

After a lot of hard work and support from some great sponsors, Heacham Club Charity will have fantastic facilities for Table Tennis. After over 50 years of having just one table in the top room of the Town Hall we have moved on to be able to play in the main hall with four new tables. Storage as in most places was an issue but thanks to a 6000 grant from Table Tennis England the old boiler room at the rear of the hall has been converted into a storage area.

So we would like to thank Table Tennis England. We would like also to say a big thank you to Heacham Youth and Community Trust Ltd who purchased us four brand new Cornilleau Tables costing over 2000. Another grant this time of 1000 came from Norfolk Community Foundation and two further grants of 200 from Heacham Youth Trust and 250 from Heacham Poorsland. We would like to say a big thank you to each and everyone who gave grants to improve our facilities. These grants have been put towards purchasing 4 umpire tables, four scoreboards, a purpose built trolley and the making of 24 surrounds plus purchasing table tennis bats and balls. This will enable us over time to offer coaching to the young and not so young, hold tournaments and much much more. We do realise that after 50 years being just a small one room, one table club to build to bigger and better things will take time and hard work and will not happen overnight.

To mark this occasion a special Hard Bat Tournament is being organised for Sunday 10th July 2016. Doors will open at 9am and play will commence at 10am. Four tables will be in use and there will be six players on each table doing an 'eight' minute singles challenge. This will finish at 12.30pm when there will be a break for food. Play will recommence after the food break. This will take the form of a 'ten' minute doubles challenge. The pairings will be made up by the winners of each group partnering the player who came sixth, second place pairing up with fifth place and third and fourth pairing up. Table one and two will be in group 'A' and Table three and four will be in Group 'B'. The tournament will end with a final between the winners of Group 'A' and 'B'. After the tournament the tables will be left up for any spectators, or players who still have the energy, to have a go either with 'hard bats' or normal bats. Spectators are welcome.



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