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Match Reports for W/C Monday 5th October 2015

BT Victory (4) vs Malc's Marvels (5)

Rob, Aaron, Graham (Malc's Marvels)  Andy, Mary-Ann, Steve (BT Victory)

Well how do I start this report, rushing out of the house knowing drinks and Hobnobs would be on offer for scoring. Well how about this, the Hobnob home team (BT Victory) thought they were the away team (same venue as Malc's Marvels and same home night). So Marvels set up ready to go as the Victory came in full of apologies and of course, thinking they were the away side, came without hobnobs. So I scored the match with a glass of water!! However it was a match to remember with some outstanding play by all players. As it was the challenge format it started with a doubles game between Mary-Ann Woodhouse and Andy King against Super Sub Aaron Howell and Rob Yarrow. Four tough ends later and a win for Aaron and Rob. Andy was then back at the table and went down in three ends to Graham so 2-0 to the Marvels. Victory captain (he who thought he was the away team), Steve Hales, was in good form and beat Rob in four ends. Then we had the game of the night, you will not see a better entertaining game all season, swopping from defence to attack and back again when Mary-Ann was up against the Marvels Super Sub Aaron Howell. I believe they met last week in the Fakenham league with Aaron just edging home. Well this game was a thriller, of course it was going to go the distance and it did. First two ends to Mary-Ann 6 & 9 back came Aaron to take the next two ends 9 & 9 so it was all down to the deciding fifth end. Close all the way but it was Mary-Ann who was victorious, winning 11-8 and brought the score level at 2-2. Graham and Rob then teamed up to take the next doubles over Steve and Andy and another four ender. Back came Mary-Ann to take on Graham, another four ender but it was 'Wonder Woman' Mary-Ann who came through in four ends and is now still unbeaten in the league. So it is now 3-3, but the Marvels then won the next two singles Rob beat Andy and Aaron beat Steve, so it was 5-3 to the Marvels with one doubles to play. Mary-Ann and Steve against Aaron and Graham. This was a cracking game to finish off a great evening (except no Hobnobs), five ends of course but it was Mary-Ann and Steve who won and narrowed the game to just one point as they went down 5-4. I got home at 10.20pm and had something to eat!!

Sedgeford Savages (4)  vs Spivs Specials (5)






Sedgeford Savages Spivs Specials

Sedgeford Savages had their first match of the season on Wednesday when they entertained Spivs Specials. It was the Sedgeford Super Sub Ian Rix who was the star of the show when he won both his matches but the Savages still lost a close game 5-4. Ian had Chris Woolley and young Finlay Hewson alongside him. Finlay had a good win over Jeff Race. The Savages final point came from a doubles win for Ian and Chris over Stephen Jackson and Jeff. For the Specials Jim Race had one win and Stephen and Jeff also had a win each. They edged home by winning two of the three doubles games.

Adrian's Allstars (9)  vs  Ringstead Raiders (0)

We move on to Thursday evening and after a lovely sunny day I tested my fitness by walking down to the match between Adrian's Allstars and visiting Ringstead Raiders. The Raiders needed a Super Sub and it was Super Sub Debbie Peel coming to the rescue and so playing her first match of the season. The other Raiders were Richard Hendricks and Mark Hipkin. For the Allstars, regulars Adrian Evans, Mick Minns and Mike Nobes. It was a chilly evening but there were plenty of smiles for the team photo. The smiles and laughter continued as I watched the first game of doubles between Mick and Mike against Richard and Debbie and it was a win for the home side with a 12-10 third end. I then left them to enjoy the evening and at 10pm I received the scorecard which showed the Allstars won 9-0. Saying that, there were some really close ends and the final doubles between Mick and Adrian against Richard and Mark went the distance 6-11, 11-6, 11-9, 13-15 & 11-6.


Heacham 'A' (10) vs Blades (0)

Melissa, Leigh (Heacham A), Max, Alex (Blades), Mick (Heacham A), Adam (Blades)

Tuesday evening at the seaside, unfortunately I was not able to attend the match but I thank all involved in getting the photo to me and copy of scorecard so I could do a report. Well it was the newly formed Blades up against the Heacham 'A' side. What an experience for the Blades as all three of the 'A' team have previously played in the premier. So the 'A' team were Melissa and Leigh McDonald and Mick Ruffles who by the looks of the photo thought he was playing for Blades. The Blades line up Alex Bragg, Max Smith and Adam E-Sharif. Obviously the Blades how ever sharp they were on the night knew that the experience of the 'A' team would show so there was no pressure and hopefully they just went out and enjoyed the experience. By the look of the scorecard they did themselves proud with a five ender and two four enders and some close three enders. The final score 10-0 to the 'A' team.

Avengers (7) vs Heacham (3)






Avengers Heacham

On the same evening at Lynnsport the Heacham premier side were up against high flying Avengers and by all accounts continued  their great form. The Avengers side were Martin Allen, Richard Mussett and Jim Defty while the Heacham side had James and Mollie Patterson and Aaron Howell. Man of the match was Martin who has been out of Lynn league play for a few seasons but kept a clean sheet for a great maximum, his support came from two wins by Richard and single win from Jim. They also won the doubles when Richard and Martin beat Mollie and Aaron. For the seasiders top scorer was James who beat Richard and Jim while Mollie had a good win over Jim.

To play in the Heacham League all you need to do is be TTE registered. If any player is looking for a game please get in touch. Once again we are looking for 'Super Subs'. So what is a Super Sub? They are players who play in other TTE affiliated leagues but would like an extra match or two or more during the season. There is no cost to be a Super Sub as long as you are TTE registered. There is no commitment on your part, if a team is short of a player they will have a list of Super Subs and contact details. They will contact you asking if you can help out and it is your choice to say if you are available or not.

There could be exciting news at Heacham as Janice from the Heacham Sports and Social Club on behalf of Heacham Table Tennis Club is applying for TTE grants to improve the playing facilities at Heacham. As you all know we just have the top room at the back of the main hall with just one table. If and it is a big if we get the grants Janice is asking for the old boiler room at the back of the hall to be made available for storage. There will then be enough room to store four tables. If the grants for the work on the boiler room and purchase of four tables is approved the main hall will be made available to us at certain times. So watch this space as they say...update....first signs are encouraging...the second signs continue to be promising!

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