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Hunnys Heroes, last seasons league champions, made it clear they are going for a repeat this season as they won their first match 10-0 which was played in the 'Normal' format. This did not come easy for their trio of Graham Keeley, Rob and Tom Yarrow and their opponents Sedgeford Stars gave them a fight. The Stars team of Mike and Dan Witley and Paul Richardson pushed them all the way. There were two outstanding matches and they were the last two singles matches of the night when Tom was taken to five ends by Mike and then  the final singles game, which I watched, was a real classic when Paul took on Graham. There was Paul smashing away and Graham as usual well back from the table defending with 'both' hands plus returning balls while on the floor.

On the same Monday evening on Table Two in the Public Hall at Heacham we had last years runners up BT Victory playing Sedgeford Savages. Victory had their regular duo of Steve Hales and Mary-Ann Woodhouse joined by Ian Reynolds. While The Savages had just one regular team player in the team John Marrow, so it was Super Subs Mike Wade and Mike Cooper who stood in for Kerry Smith and Ian Rix who were I believe sunning themselves across the water. BT Victory like Hunnys Heroes look as if they are determined to give any team a run for their money. Once again it was Mary-Ann who led the way with a great maximum (pushed all the way by Mike (C)), her support came from two wins each by Steve and Ian plus she teamed up with Ian to take the doubles. For the Savages it was Mike (C) who made sure the Sedgeford side came away with two points as he had wins over Steve and Ian.


On Thursday evening in the top room of the Public Hall it was Spivs Specials family team when three generations were involved, Granddad Jim Race, Son-in-Law Stephen Jackson and Jim's Grandson Aaron  Jackson...another first for the Heacham League. Their opponents Adrian's Allstars who had Mick Minns and Mike Nobes in the team plus making up the side it was nice to see Adrian Evans back in action (not sure if action is the correct word) after two hip operations. Comments on the card 'Excellent  Night'. Well it was  Mick who was star of the match with a great maximum, his support came from two wins by Mike with Adrian chipping in with a single win and with it the Allstars just edged home 6-4. For the Specials it was Stephen who came out top man with 2 wins, Jim chipped in with a single win plus they teamed up to win the doubles. Special mention for Aaron who played well in his first full league match and we look forward to seeing him playing for the rest of the season.

Aaron in action

With only one match gone in the season we seem to be hitting the nail on the head by bringing into the league new players young and not so young, ladies as well (5 registered now) and of course a friendly but competitive nights table tennis.

Finally we have the friendly match which was played on Monday 11th September in Heacham Public Hall. The league side was Ringstead Raiders and they had Paul Humeniuk, Richard Hendricks and Justin Mullins on board. They were up against The Friendly Super Subs and their line-up was Debbie Peel back after a year out with knee problems (knee still strapped), 10 year old Alfie Yarrow and the 'Angle Queen' Eileen Needham. I had the pleasure of scoring for this match which was a delight from start to finish. There were plenty of nets and edges and each one was received with a 'smile' and I think in the end the honours were about even. The match was  played with the new 'Special' format where each player played four doubles and one singles. The Raiders, well known for their excellent doubles record, were just a little too strong on the night for the Friendly Stars and ran out winners 9-0. But the Stars took ends off the Raiders and it was valuable experience for all especially Alfie who had a good match. Playing doubles for him was a new experience and as the match went on he slowly got to grips with it and once again his forehand smash was a talking point. These new friendly fixtures will hopefully build confidence for new players and if they are all enjoyed as much as this first match a great season is ahead.


Monday 18th September ... Adrian's Allstars vs Hunnys Heroes....Heacham Public Hall
Thursday 21st September ... Spivs Specials vs BT Victory ...Top Room Public Hall
Wednesday 20th September ... Ringstead Raiders vs Sedgeford Stars ... Ringstead Village Hall

To play in the Heacham League all you need to do is be TTE registered. If any player is looking for a game please get in touch. Once again we are looking for 'Super Subs'. So what is a Super Sub? They are players who play in other TTE affiliated leagues but would like an extra match or two or more during the season. There is no cost to be a Super Sub as long as you are TTE registered. There is no commitment on your part, if a team is short of a player they will have a list of Super Subs and contact details. They will contact you asking if you can help out and it is your choice to say if you are available or not.

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