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Monday evening and there were two matches being played in Heacham Public Hall. Both the top two teams were in action and on Table One it was league leaders Hunnys Heroes but with Rob and Tom Yarrow on holiday it was left to Graham Keeley and Super Subs Mike Cooper and Eileen Needham. Their opponents were the ever improving Ringstead Raiders. Their line up this week Paul Humeniuk, Stephen Stafford and Roger Pincott. It was a 7-3 win for the Heroes as Graham and Mike went unbeaten plus teamed up with a doubles win over Roger and Paul. The Raiders trio all had a win over Eileen.
On Table Two, second place BT Victory with regulars Mary-Ann Woodhouse, Steve Hales and David Howell. They were up against Sedgeford Stars who had Mike and Dan Witley and Paul Richardson in their team. Once again the improvement of the Stars showed and although they lost

8-2 they can be proud of their play. Paul had an excellent win over Steve while Mike beat David and pushed Mary-Ann all the way just losing out in five ends 11-8, 11-6, 8-11, 10-12 & 11-6.







Thursday evening in the top room of Heacham Public Hall saw an excellent match between Spivs Specials and Sedgeford Savages. Man of the Match was the home sides Jim Race who had a hard fought maximum to give his side a well earned draw. His support came from two wins by Stephen Jackson. While for the Savages, Ian Rix  was their top scorer with two wins, while Kerry Smith and John Marrow had wins over Jeff Race. The Savages were 5-4 down with just the doubles to play. Ian and Kerry teamed up to edge home in five ends over Jim and Stephen 9-11, 7-11, 11-9, 12-10 & 6-11. Match Comments: Excellent Evening ... Fair Result

Next Weeks Matches W/C Monday 19th February 2018 (2 Player League)

All eight teams will be playing two matches each on Monday 19th February in Heacham Public Hall.
We will start setting up at 6.30pm so we can make a prompt start at 7.15pm (at the latest). We would appreciate any players arriving between 6.45pm and 7pm to make sure we are all set up and will all teams taking part make sure you arrive as close to 7pm as possible. Finally will everyone pitch in to help clear up after the matches, this takes no longer than 10 minutes if we all help. Thanks

Please note the road from Heacham to Sedgeford will shut at Sedgeford from Monday 12th February for three weeks to Friday 2nd March. The closure is from the Snettisham Road Junction to the King William. Although this is only about 70 yards it cuts Sedgeford village in half. This means travelling from Heacham to Sedgeford Village Hall will have to be via Ringstead Road. For BT Victory when travelling to Heacham they will have to make arrangements to avoid this by travelling again via the Ringstead Road. So will all teams please note for the next 3 weeks to allow extra travelling time so matches at all venues can still start on time. I would estimate you will need to allow at least 10 to 15 minutes extra to your journey time.


To play in the Heacham League all you need to do is be TTE registered. If any player is looking for a game please get in touch. Once again we are looking for 'Super Subs'. So what is a Super Sub? They are players who play in other TTE affiliated leagues but would like an extra match or two or more during the season. There is no cost to be a Super Sub as long as you are TTE registered. There is no commitment on your part, if a team is short of a player they will have a list of Super Subs and contact details. They will contact you asking if you can help out and it is your choice to say if you are available or not.


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